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Order online, pick up from Chan Mow Supermarket, Saleufi!
Order online, pick up from Chan Mow Supermarket, Saleufi!
Jin Ramen, the newest Korean Ramen in Town!

Jin Ramen, the newest Korean Ramen in Town!

Jin Ramen...oh how much of the Korean mukbang culture's influenced our taste and love for spicy food! Specifically Korean Ramen.

Ramen is carefully handcrafted to thick texture with spice (or mild), herbs and flavorful broth. It compliments the ingredients included in its packaging, and highly rated ramen quality that's worth the extra sene or tala!

Unlike instant noodles, an easy boiled water from kettle to mix and ready to eat in minutes. With Jin Ramen, we recommend you boil water on a hot stove, and cook the ramen, well before adding your own twist to it. Whether it's eggs, spring onion, sesame oil, onions seaweed or meat, the al dente taste altogether is just heaven pure perfection! Delicious & yummy... I always take my time to cook it properly at home and serve it in huge bowls each with my kids to enjoy after a long day at work. For a single-mother like myself who can't cook and has little-to no time to make a quick meal? my kids always prefer ramen for breakfast, lunch and dinner lol. (SO, I'm definitely not complaining at this point hehe).

I've tasted most noodles, Jin Ramen is at the top of my list of Korean noodles to try. So my kids and I have ditched the usual Nongshim brands we find in most shops in Samoa, in search for this brand. It comes in 3 different packagings: instant packet, cup & bowl. Here's where I take the 3, the instant packet is for home use. The cup is for work, and the bowl's for long haul trips to a getaway weekend at a Resort.

Where can you buy Jin Ramen? It's found in some shops across Upolu and Savai'i, & of course Chan Mow Supermarket.

Chan Mow Wholesale is the Exclusive distributor for the Ottogi brand, & made available online for your purchases for your family in Samoa :)

If haven't tried other Ottogi Korean branded items such as tomato sauce, their variety of packaged soups, pancake mix, fried chicken batter and more, now's your time to add it to cart and enjoy the foodie experience with the Aiga.

For more information about all our Korean range online, please send us an email, or 'Chat' with us online with our 24/7 customer service.




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