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Order online, pick up from Chan Mow Supermarket, Saleufi!
Order online, pick up from Chan Mow Supermarket, Saleufi!

About Us


Shopping today has taken a great leap from where it used to be. Lots of individuals now feel more relaxed with shopping from the comfort of their homes – making a purchase is just a few clicks away. Mad Pacific was birthed out of a desire to provide affordable, top quality products to the residents of the Pacific Islands starting with Samoa and Tonga. Plans are already underway to extend our services into other islands. We are an online mega shop with a wide variety of products ranging from home items and electronic appliances to delicious food combinations and tasty snacks.

Our shipping platform is unique – designed so our customers can receive their orders within two to four weeks of request – while any Supermarket orders in Samoa are given speedy response. Mad Pacific has direct access to a large number of wholesalers and suppliers – allowing us to meet with your demands – whether they are bulk orders or one-off items. We also have a “Supermarket” section where our valued customers overseas can order groceries for family and friends in Samoa and have it ready for uplifting within 30mins. Our ‘Pick & Go’ service means your family and friends don’t need to wait!

Our payment system is very simple to understand and handle – for your convenience. We also have a live chat platform on our website and on our Facebook page – designed to attend to your needs as soon you let us know. Visit our Facebook @madpacific page to check out what our amazing customers have to say. Contact us today and you can never go wrong working with Samoa’s top online shopping platform.

M-A-D Deals

Mad Pacific has direct access to a large number of suppliers and wholesalers, this allows us to bring you an extensive list of great quality products, saving you time and money.

M-A-D Boundaries

One of the traditional barriers of trading to the Pacific is its isolation from the rest of the world. Here at Mad Pacific, we believe in breaking boundaries, not your wallet. Our goal is to bring the global market to the Pacific as well as, the Pacific to the global market.

M-A-D Seller

Want to unleash the Entrepreneur within and make some money? Mad Pacific has you covered. You can manage and sell your own products to a wider audience. If you already have your own website or store, we can help you market and sell your goods as another sales channel,  on our multi-vendor website.

M-A-D Pacific – Making A Difference within the Pacific.

Let us make a difference to you.

For more information, please contact us.

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