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Essential Box


Take advantage of this family box with HUGE SAVINGS! 

Buy Mad Pacific online. Shop for your families in Samoa. 

Box consists of; 

1x Box Devondale milk

1x 12pcs mug & saucer set

2x Fresh local pok choi

1x Round cabbage

1x Dairyworks 227g salted butter

1x 12pack swan toilet paper

1x value pack protext soap

2x fresh white bread (made daily)

2x Doz eggs

2x kgs Local sausage

2x kgs Turkey tail

1x kg Pork trotter

2x kgs chicken thigh

1x brown sugar (2.3kg prepack)

2x Med grain white rice (2.3kg)

1x cafe pele coffee

1x 500mls wantok cooking oil

1x bell tea bags 100's pack

2x lion mosquito coil