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Monday - Friday (9.00 am - 4.00 pm)

Easy Meal Box


Tired of shopping after a long day at work? How about our EASY MEAL BOX! 3 Meals in 1 box, pretty awesome! 

Buy Mad Pacific online. Shop for your families in Samoa. 

Box consists of; 

1x Onion 1kg

1x Potatoes 1kg

6x Vifon Cup noodles

2x kgs Chicken leg quarter 

2x Vermicelli

1x Soy Sauce (small)

1x Rice 2.3kgs

2x KJ Herring (Natural oil)

1x Wantok Cooking oil 1L

1x Curry 500gs

2x kgs Beef cuts/stew meat

2x maggi noodles