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Order online, pick up from Chan Mow Supermarket, Saleufi!
Order online, pick up from Chan Mow Supermarket, Saleufi!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Do I need to create an account to shop with Mad Pacific?
  2. How do I buy on Mad Pacific?
  3. Your "Check Out" page requires a Postal Code for my Shipping & Billing Address. My Island Country does not have Postal Codes or I do not know what it is - what can I do as I cannot proceed with my Check Out, unless one is entered?
  4. How do I pay for my order? Which credit cards do you accept? I don't have a credit card - do you accept payment via online banking or bank deposit, debit cards, Paypal?
  5. Can I view and purchase products in my local currency? 
  6. Can I add extra information to an order that has already been confirmed? 
  7. Can I change or Cancel my order?
  8. Where do you ship to and how much will delivery/shipping cost?
  9. How long does it take for my order to be shipped? 
  10. Where do I pick up my order when it arrives in my Country, or do you deliver it directly to my door?
  11. How can I write a review on a product?
  12. Can I return a product/s I bought on Mad Pacific? How can I return a product/s I bought on Mad Pacific?
  13. What is your refund policy? 
  14. What warranty do you offer on Electronic and Furniture Products?
  15. Why is your ‘Supermarket’ only available in Samoa, and no other Pacific Island countries? 
  16. Can I order 'Supermarket' products on Mad Pacific and pay for them at Chan Mow Supermarket Ltd in Samoa, when picking up?
  17. One of your 'Supermarket' Specials is “No Handling Fee for a Limited Time”. What does this mean? What is a handling fee? How much will the Handling Fee be when the Special is over?
  18. Do you offer delivery for 'Supermarket' orders?
  19. How can I contact Mad Pacific?
  20. How can I report an error on your website? 
  21. I am a Business or Vendor interested in marketing and selling my goods or services on Mad Pacific. What do I need to do or where can I get more information from?