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Order online, pick up from Chan Mow Supermarket, Saleufi!
Order online, pick up from Chan Mow Supermarket, Saleufi!
The BIG HOLIDAY. What do you NEED to buy this Christmas?

The BIG HOLIDAY. What do you NEED to buy this Christmas?

..So, what’s on your to-do / Christmas shopping list?

Do you have a written list noted down a few weeks ago?

Or are we doing a Christmas rush-kind of shopping and picking items off the shelves of what we THINK we NEED this Christmas? 

I for one, am guilty of doing this every single year 🙋‍♀️ Sometimes I blame my children, especially the youngest, who puts unnecessary food items in the trolley without me noticing, till you get to the front checkout argh 🥴 thing for sure is right at the top of my list and yours (of course) is the FOOD. The succulent traditional Christmas Ham, a decent sized Turkey (good luck if it’s not on Sale) and the good old size 2 - Mr Piggy!… If there’s a bigger budget in the bank, a huge spread of raw seafood selection would be my go-to, I would go for my favorite Samoan raw seafood topped off by some butter & garlic prawns! Don’t ask me about vegetables, that’s at the bottom of the grocery list lol. The desserts part is my most favorite, sweet tooth readers do you agree or do you AGREE?! I vote cheese cake, trifle, a fudge cake & some red velvet cups cakes! 🤤 

Then you have the kids present. The eldest and second child gets the monetary collection (of what’s left of the broken piggy bank), third eldest is pretty easy, all he wants is money saved for a bigger toy when on holiday. I’m thankful they’re going to NZ with their father this holiday, so that’s one-less child outta my hair. Then we have the youngest child (the rebel), the one who wants these spoils throughout the 365 days, the occasional trip to the cheapest toy in store will do the trick… ok, hold that thought, I think I need to re-do the whole budget again! 😩 

Home improvements & Christmas Decorations.. (that’s if you’re hosting a large group of people turning up to criticize how clean your home is, or how big your Christmas spread is - yes my mother 💅). I’m always on the look out for bargains, I mean it’s the festive season ~ who doesn’t want to light up their house with bright & colorful Christmas lights & beautiful Christmas decors? 🎄🥰 

 As Christmas is fast approaching, we are mentally stressing ourselves out with what to buy, we’re indecisive & constantly looking for sales and deals anywhere really! 🤝

Now picture this scenario: Your family in Samoa calls you for some financial help. Last minute ones lol then you’re given no choice but You to organize a fa’amomoli.. logistically, it’s a big headache, especially when you have work. It’s time consuming when have to shop for them at your nearest Mall, then organize drop off at a freight company to ship it to Samoa. What. A. Headache! 

But wait, there’s an easier and much more simpler solution: “Online shopping!”

Yeap! Easy-breezy!

Why is it easier?:

  1. You get to manage your own spending. You could either add items, and/or remove items in your shopping cart 🛒
  2. View items in stock online, based on your budget, before the next big family fa’alavelave.
  3. You have full control of what they need, and what you want to spend this  Christmas.
  4. You can shop online from the comfort of your own home, or during your break at work. In your own free time.
  5. It’s only a few clicks away from your family receiving their shopping in Samoa. Whether you’re rushing off to work or an event, quickly hop online to organize your shopping.
  6. 30-minutes processing time. Unbeatable, fast and reliable service.
  7. A Mad Deals section online for bargain, deals and specials exclusive for online shoppers only, different from in-store items.
  8. NO PROCESSING fees. Mad Pacific is the only online shopping platform with zero fees or extra charges on top of your own spending.
  9. Christmas products shipped from NZ & Australia with FREE SHIPPING & FREE DELIVERY (in town area) once they arrive in Apia. Massive discounts, and family friendly products to share with the whole family such as outdoor trampoline, portable swimming pools, & balance bikes (to name a few).
  10. A lot of Christmas food items, & Christmas home decorations for this festive season. 40-50% OFF online. Customized Christmas hampers & gifts! 

There are many benefits of online shopping… you just have to try it to love it! 😊

Shop online, you won’t regret it! Our online customer service chat is 24/7 to offer assistance 🙂


Enjoy the festive holiday,
Mad Pacific Team!



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