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Order online, pick up from Chan Mow Supermarket, Saleufi!
Order online, pick up from Chan Mow Supermarket, Saleufi!
Mad Deal Specials

Mad Deal Specials

Mad Deal Specials

School Holiday Snacks for the Kiddies!

Having trouble looking for something quick and easy to feed the little ones during the school holidays?! Well look no further, because our Mad Deal Specials have got you covered! Convenient and affordable cereals and snacks the whole family can enjoy at any time of the day!
Check out these versatile American Sweet ‘Hearts’ (treats) the kiddies can enjoy for breakfast or as a mid-morning or afternoon snack. Enjoy with cold or warm milk. No time? Grab a handful and enjoy them as a snack on the go!

Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes and Frosted Mini Wheats were two of my personal favourites growing up. I would have it for breakfast to get me fuelled up for the day ahead or after school when I’d be famished from a long day of play and mental wrestling with school work. I’m never left disappointed afterwards! Well…only if they run out and mum or dad hasn’t restocked! These cereals are classics and should be a staple in every family’s pantry. Don’t hesitate, stocks are limited so grab yours now!!

They’re easy to serve up for the little chickpeas, even the big kids can help themselves without a fuss. You won’t have to worry or stress over what you can buy to fill the pantry or cooking up a storm whilst the kids are at home during the day.

Have a big family? Well, we’ve got that covered too. Purchase the Mad Deal 7.0 Kids Breakfast Pack and the kids will love you for it (….well, even more than they usually do ;)) Devondale full-cream milk is the perfect complement to your cereals and nutter-butter. It’s a great deal as it comes with a free rugby and soccer ball! A convenient way to keep the kids happy and stomachs satisfied.
Buy now for your families or friends in Samoa whilst these mad deals are on special! Visit our website for even more great specials or browse for other necessities your family (ies) in Samoa would love to have.

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