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Order online, pick up from Chan Mow Supermarket, Saleufi!
Order online, pick up from Chan Mow Supermarket, Saleufi!
Korean culture & its snack sensation in Samoa

Korean culture & its snack sensation in Samoa

Discover the new-modern, irresistible & delicious variety of Korean snacks such as ice cream, popcorn, seaweed & more - Exclusively Distributed by Chan Mow Wholesale. Great news? These are now available online Mad Pacific, for you to treat your family in Samoa! 👏🏝🇼🇸

Mukbang on YouTube have won over the hearts of many snack lovers worldwide. Yeap, the Korean craze has got. to. US! 🤣The Korean culture, movies and food sensation is a new trend in Samoa. The food is a new found love for most & customer feedback’s a super-duper-two thumbs up!

 The snack variety ranges from sweet to savory and amazing-flavor combinations, such as butter and garlic popcorn, k-pop seaweed, & pizza flavored rice cakes (to name a few). It’s truly a Samoan-family shared experience! 😁 There’s a snack favorite and something for everyone to enjoy. Whether it’s on the seawall, friendship park or at home in front of the tv-with a laid back Netflix and chill kind of attitude.

One thing that stands out from these Korean snacks are not just the flavors, but the cute colored, eye-catching packaging, They. Are. Adorable! It displays that sense of fun, unique bite sized shapes & amazing taste in your mouth! Ohh sooo good! yummmmm! 🤤😋

Curious to know what they taste like? 
Click on the link below and start adding ‘em snacks to your shopping cart online. It will leave your family wanting more and more every single time they call you for that weekly shopping 🙉

✌️Enjoy the perks of online shopping from anywhere in the world! 🛒









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