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Order online, pick up from Chan Mow Supermarket, Saleufi!
Order online, pick up from Chan Mow Supermarket, Saleufi!
Happy Vegetable Farm | locally-grown hydroponics lettuce

Happy Vegetable Farm | locally-grown hydroponics lettuce

Get to know what goes on at Happy Vegetable Farm up at Pevilla Road, Vaoala 🚜🧑‍🌾

1. It’s essential to check the hydroponics system daily, to ensure that it is functioning properly. A must to monitor these important ‘tick off the list’ items such as; light, temperature, water, nutrients & oxygen. 
2. Planning harvest ahead of time / weekly and monthly for clients such as restaurants, hotels, convenience shops & online: mad pacific is important. So there’s consistent supply to meet this ever-growing demand locally. 
3. Delivery routes are pre-planned a day before and delivered early in the morning to noon. They’re weighed, washed & packed carefully to prevent damage, contamination, moisture loss & provide freshness in every pack. 
4. To maintain cleanliness & overall sustainability of the hydroponics system & A-frames for long term use, it should be least be cleaned once or twice monthly. 

HVF focuses mostly on lettuce, incorporating clay pebbles into their lettuce hydroponics setup is a vital part of keeping it healthy. They can help reduce or prevent algae growth while also providing excellent drainage and aeration for your plants’ roots; this will keep them well-nourished so they can continue to thrive! 🥬 

Lettuces love sunlight, but they don't like it too hot. Too much sun and heat can make them bitter or wilt, so it's important to keep them in an area that gets plenty of light but not too much direct sunlight or high temperatures. With the right balance of sun and shade, the lettuces will have the best turnout & taste. 

HVF is also trying out new things, by growing basil and coriander in hydroponic systems. Their team’s working on its expansion and trialing the teething process so they can perfect it for the next harvest! 

Want to taste their fresh hydroponics lettuce? Add lettuce to your online cart & shop with Mad Pacific.

Guaranteed-Freshness. Guaranteed-Satisfaction.

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