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Order online, pick up from Chan Mow Supermarket, Saleufi!
Order online, pick up from Chan Mow Supermarket, Saleufi!


What’s the best alternative when Griffin’s Vanilla Wine, Arrowroot, Malt fav-go-to biscuits are out of stock in Samoa?

Try the Amulya Shortbread Fingers / Cookies, made with the finest ingredients to match-make that delicious creamy traditional cheesecake! (Or your - preferred choice of flavor!)

When crushed to a fine crumb, Amuyla biscuits make a lovely buttery base for this original cheesecake.

Re-create this no-bake traditional cheesecake with one of these recipes we found & tried online. 

20mins prep time | Made from just 6 ingredients:

  • Amuyla biscuit / cracker crumbs
  • Butter (unsalted)
  • Cream Cheese (full fat, room temperature)
  • Powdered Sugar
  • Vanilla
  • Heavy whipping cream (cold)

How to make:

A quick recipe overview with extra tips! See the detailed recipe below.

  1. Start with your crust — I use amuyla crumbs most often, but you could also use chocolate baking crumbs for a new twist! The melted butter is essential for helping it stick together when you remove it from the pan.
  2. Beat your cream cheese — room temperature is essential for no lumps! Keep in mind that full fat cream cheese is best. If you compare the packages, you can see that light cream cheese has significantly more moisture and there’s less of a chance it will set. (That being said, I use light cream cheese often and have no issues, but it’s a chance you take).
  3. Add your powdered sugar and vanilla.
  4. Whip your cream and add it in: I have always been that person who beats the cream right in with the cream cheese. If you know me at all, I’m not going to tell you you need an extra step unless you absolutely do. In this instance, I’ve tested both ways and haven’t found much of a difference at all, but whipping it separately is a little more foolproof because you can see when you’ve got stuff peaks. I have updated the recipe to reflect this change.
  5. Chill, chill, chill. And don’t even think about removing it from the pan until it’s set! We don’t want no cheesecake soup here, so plan ahead and be patient.

Shop for your Aiga in Samoa, add this to your cart, try it & send us your feedback and product review.

We hope you will enjoy making this recipe as much as we did with the kids (minus the messy kitchen lol) 🥰

We absolutely love these Amuyla biscuits, not only are they very affordable, but very tasty too! 👏


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